With the introduction of Windows Vista and Office 2007 Microsoft included some new fonts, which became the defaults in Office. Their names all start with ‘C’ and they are quite attractive. In particular there is a monospaced font called Consolas that is nice to use as a text editor font and Terminal font. The problem is they aren’t technically free, although Microsoft does include them in a number of freely available updaters. What follows is how I went about installing the fonts on my Mac.


  1. Download the Open XML File Format Converter for Mac.
  2. Double click the disk image if it wasn’t automatically mounted. You will see an Open XML File Format Converter meta package (.mpkg).
  3. Right click (or Control-click) the meta package and choose “Show Package Contents”.
  4. In the Finder window that opens, click “Contents”, then “Packages”.
  5. Double click “OpenXML_all_fonts.pkg”, which will run the installer.

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