Introduction DataNinja is a web application that supports to label data, design algorithms, train algorithms, and test algorithms. Related Patent CN111709522A: Deep learning target detection system based on server-embedded cooperation Code Repository The source code of the project is not publicly available. Screenshots
Introduction Similar Patient Finder is a user-friendly, web-based diagnosis tool that enables physicians to find similarities between patients at the molecular level. It provides diverse methods to process data and a clear visualization of patients’ correlation, allowing physicians to easily identify a patient’s disease subtype, stage of disease, morbid state, and provide appropriate therapy advice or guidance on prescriptions. Code Repository GitLab Screenshots
Introduction Verwandlung Online Judge is a cross-platform online judge system based on the Spring MVC Framework. The application used the following components: Spring MVC Framework Druid Database Connection Pool CodeMirror Editor ActiveMQ The architecture of the project can be described as follows: Code Repository Screenshots


Introduction TestZilla is a crowd testing platform that is built on the Phalcon framework. Our goal is to create a global crowd testing system for all platforms. Initially, the application was built using the Spring MVC framework, but we have since rebuilt it using the Phalcon framework for continuous delivery. Code Repository GitLab Screenshots

Course Ocean

Introduction CourseOcean is aimed at serving as a training platform for IT skills, where anyone can create a course and anyone can find a suitable course for themselves. Code Repository GitLab Screenshots
Introduction Medical Image Tagger is a collaborative project between my team and Harvard Medical University. It was designed to improve the efficiency of medical students by 20% by using medical domain knowledge and a web service to tag medical images with relevant medical tags and image types. I was responsible for designing and developing the backend logic and database schema. The initial version of the project was built using Java, and after collecting nearly 1 million datasets from the web service, an offline function was added.
Introduction The Home of Class8 is a web application that serves as a social network for my class at Hangzhou No.14 High School. It allows classmates to easily stay in touch with each other and connect through the website. Code Repository GitLab Screenshots
Introduction The Student Management System is a web application designed for the School of Software at Hefei University of Technology. Its primary purpose is to allow students to easily access and query their scores and rankings, as well as to facilitate peer assessment at the end of the school year. Code Repository GitLab Screenshots