The Software QA System is a comprehensive tool developed for the Software Basis Contest hosted by the School of Software at Hefei University of Technology. Initially developed in 2011 and later refactored in 2013, the system is built using VB.NET with Access as its database management system.

The project consists of three subsystems:

Software Enrollment System: This subsystem is designed to collect the participants’ information before or during the contest.

Software Management System: The Software Management System controls the contest and provides information about the number of participants and their scores. It also allows exporting the participants’ scores to an Excel file.

Software QA System: The Software QA System is used by competitors to answer the questions provided in the contest. The system fetches questions from the Access database, and after the participants have completed their answers, the system checks the correctness of the responses. The scores are then sent to the Software Management System for finalization.

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