In this tutorial, you will learn how to develop a Spring 4 MVC Hello world example. We hope this tutorial will give you a quick start with Spring MVC development using the latest Spring 4 Release. Technologies used: Spring 4.0.4.RELEASE JDK 1.8 Tomcat 7.0.53 Maven 3.2.1 Eclipse Java EE IDE ( Eclipse Kepler) Maven Project Setup In Eclipse Let us start with the creation of a Maven web project in Eclipse.
In this tutorial we are going to describe Jenkins installation and configuration with Maven and GitHub. We are going to use a Tomcat Application Server 7. If you don’t have Tomcat installed please get one here. You will need a Java 7+ SDK installed as well Git binaries installation At first we need client tool using which git operations like cloning, fetching, pooling can be done. We have chosen git client implementation available at git-scm.