Introduction DataNinja is a web application that supports to label data, design algorithms, train algorithms, and test algorithms. Related Patent CN111709522A: Deep learning target detection system based on server-embedded cooperation Code Repository The source code of the project is not publicly available. Screenshots
Introduction Similar Patient Finder is a user-friendly, web-based diagnosis tool that enables physicians to find similarities between patients at the molecular level. It provides diverse methods to process data and a clear visualization of patients’ correlation, allowing physicians to easily identify a patient’s disease subtype, stage of disease, morbid state, and provide appropriate therapy advice or guidance on prescriptions. Code Repository GitLab Screenshots
In this tutorial, you will be setting up a numerical Python development environment for Windows 10. As you might have already realized, Python is rather simple to set up on a Linux/macOS box but as with many open source-based projects getting up and running on Windows is never trivial. Good solutions for Windows are Enthought Canopy{.reference.external}, Anaconda{.reference.external} (which both provide binary installers for Windows, OS X, and Linux), and Python (x, y).
Introduction Medical Image Tagger is a collaborative project between my team and Harvard Medical University. It was designed to improve the efficiency of medical students by 20% by using medical domain knowledge and a web service to tag medical images with relevant medical tags and image types. I was responsible for designing and developing the backend logic and database schema. The initial version of the project was built using Java, and after collecting nearly 1 million datasets from the web service, an offline function was added.