I have been using Sun Pinyin for quite a long time, but once I used Google Pinyin, I found it great. So, let me tell you how to install Google Pinyin in ubuntu. First, you should add a PPA source: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fcitx-team/nightly sudo apt-get update Then, you should install Fcitx、Fcitx-googlepinyin: sudo apt-get install fcitx fcitx-googlepinyin If you want to use “Cloud”, you should install fcitx-module-cloudpinyin: sudo apt-get install fcitx-module-cloudpinyin
Why would I need to change the layout? Every time I upgrade the desktop for a new Ubuntu version it defaults it to a 2×2 layout. I don’t have a monitor on top of another so why would I use vertical workspaces? It maybe has advantages for some else workflow. Not mine. I’m used to horizontal multiple screens. How can I define a new workspace layout? You can change several parameters with the Compiz Config Settings Manager.